As graduates of the institution, UPES AAPG’s alumni play a tremendous part by being the chapter’s spine and as a result, are likely to be some of its faithful supporters. They are one of the reasons why our chapter has accomplished more prominent statures, than what it was at the beginning. Our talented graduate class has a wealth of experience and aptitudes to share with current individuals that might further reinforce students by helping them launch their careers.



It is always the people you have, and the place you're at that has the most significant impact on how things will turn out.
Times of uncertainty, times of happiness, of utter disbelief, doubt, and self-actualization shape character and make us who we are.
In these times, there are a few names that pop up in our head, who, no matter what happens, are always there and always stay, since it all began.
Four years ago, when I stepped into this university, with stars in my eyes and hope in my heart, things were very different. Coming into a new city, with no one to go home to, and competition lurking around and how AAPG came into my life like a guiding light. The people that I met here are the reason for the growth that I've seen in myself over the past four odd years. The best things do come to you in the most unsuspecting of moments, and all that you can do is make it count. So thank you, AAPG, for being the pleasant surprise you were. Thank you to each and every one of my colleagues that has seen me through it all. You all have some part to play in making me graduate with my wits intact, honestly.

Now that I have graduated, I can attest that the reward is quite spectacular, but the journey leading up to it is even more so.

—  Mr. Taranpreet Singh, Vice President 2019-20

Tenure 2020-21

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Mr. Apoorv Kumar Jha


President 2020-21


Mr. Ashutosh Mathur

Hansa Global

Vice-President 2020-21

Ms. Nandini Rajput


Secretary 2020-21

Mr. Ritik Pant


Chapter Officer 2020-21

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh Khichi

Toujours Peritus

Technical Chairperson 2020-21

Ms. Shreya Bisht

Bharat Test House

Management Chairperson 2020-21

Mr. Pranav Saxena


Nominations Chairperson 2020-21

Mr. Gaurav Joshi

Future Market Insights

Sponsorship Supervisor 2020-21

Mr. Polaki Dinesh


Design Supervisor 2020-21

Mr. Ritish Patnayak

Toujours Peritus

CSR Supervisor 2020-21

Mr. Shashank Tiwari


Industry Outreach Supervisor 2020-21

Mr. Anuvrat Jhamad


Workflow Incharge 2020-21

Mr. Ayan Balti

Logistics Core Committee Member



Tenure 2019-20


Mr. C.N. Raghavendra Gupta

President 2019-20

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Mr. Taranpreet Singh

Associate Technical Professional at Halliburton

Vice President 2019-20

Mr. Vishal Rana

Business Analyst at Enverus

Industry Officer 2019-20


Mr. Shashwat

Associate Engineer CGI Inc.

Secretary 2019-20

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Mr. Shashwat Gupta

G.E.T. at Hansa | L.E.A.D. Oilfield Services Intern, Baker Hughes

Technical Chairperson 2019-20

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Mr. Siddhant Chadha

Reservoir Engineer at ExxonMobil

Nominations Chairperson 2019-20

Tenure 2018-19


Mr. Rajat Kamboj

Reservoir Engineer at ExxonMobil

President 2018-19


Ms. Soumya Jaiswal

Associate Well Engineer at Halliburton

Vice President 2018-19

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Mr. Rajat Chilana

Associate Consultant at Wipro Energy, Natural Resources & Utilities

Secretary 2018-19


Mr. Sarthak Bhatia

Software Engineer at Esri India

General Secretary 2018-19

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Mr. Pradyumna Bellamkonda

Oil & Gas consulting BU at LTI

Treasurer 2018-19


Ms. Ana Askari

Google India Representative

Chapter Officer 2018-19


Mr. Arnav Rana

Worked at Halliburton Offshore Services Inc. in Testing and Subsea

Senior Advisory Board 2018-19

0 (4).jpg

Mr. Shivank Sabharwal

GET at Reliance Industries Limited

Senior Advisory Board 2018-19

0 (3).jpg

Ms. Kashika Khera

Reservoir Engineer at ExxonMobil


Mr. Umang Yadav

ISO 45001: 2018 Lead Auditor

Senior Advisory Board 2018-19

0 (14).jpg

Mr. Arun Ravi

Process Data Engineer at Shell

Senior Advisory Board 2018-19

0 (5).jpg

Ms. Yashi Agrawal

Software Programmer at Esri India

Senior Advisory Board 2018-19

Tenure 2017-18


Mr. Aadri Vishal

Engineer/Project Manager Officer at L&T Technology Services

President 2017-18


Mr. Ishit Chauhan

Technical Lead at Cybertech

Vice President 2017-18

Mr. Tonmit Talukdar

Data & Production Engineer at Sarda Energy and Mineral Ltd.

Secretary 2017-18

0 (27).jpg

Mr. Akhil Sampatirao

Ms. Tanu Gururani


Ms. Shristi Moitra

Pursuing MBA from XLRI, Delhi Campus

GIS Analyst at CyberTech Systems and Software

0 (26).jpg

Mr. Abhineet Mishra

Associate Consultant at Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd (LTI)

0 (32).jpg

Ms. Vrinda Tanwani

GIS Analyst at Cybertech Systems and Softwares

Subject Matter Expert for Earth Sciences at

Chegg Inc.


Ms. Shalu Prasad

GIS Analyst at Cybertech

General Secretary 2017-18

0 (24).jpg

Mr. Jai Aditya Singh

Treasurer 2017-18

Mr. Shaurya Arora

GIS Analyst at Esri

Chapter Officer 2017-18

Tenure 2016-17

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0 (34).jpg
0 (35).jpg

Mr. Vikhyat Gupta

Mr. Nikhil Gupta

Sr. GIS Analyst at CyberTech Systems and Software

President 2016-17

Software Engineer at TietoEVRY

Vice President 2016-17

Assistant Driller at ADES - Advanced Energy Systems

Secretary 2016-17

0 (36).jpg

Senior GIS Analyst at ESRI

Treasurer 2016-17

Mr. Lakhan Kapoor

Mr. Jasmeet Singh


Tenure 2015-16

Ms. Anjali Kushwaha

Associate Consultant at LTI

General Secretary 2015-16

Mr. Gurmeet Singh Saluja

GIS Consultant at Infosys

Treasurer 2015-16


Tenure 2013-14

Mr. Agam Rawat

Oracle Certified Associate and Data Analyst at


President and Founder 2013-2014

0 (37).jpg

Mr. Ahzam Ishtiaq

Associate Consultant at LTI

President 2015-16

0 (38).jpg

Mr. Salman Haider

Assistant System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

Vice President 2015-16

Ms. Pranjali Gangwar

Business Development Manager at DEYOR CAMPS

Secretary 2015-16

Tenure 2014-15

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0 (43).jpg
0 (44).jpg

Mr. Harshit Verma

Mr. Anshul Sindhwani

Project Lead - Offshore | IT Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

President 2014-2015

Assistant Manager Geologist at L&T Construction

Vice President 2014-2015

Domain Consultant at L&T Infotech

Secretary 2014-15

0 (45).jpg

Branch Relationship Manager at Kotak Mahindra Bank

Treasurer 2014-15

Ms. Shagun Sharma

Mr. Abhi Matta