Social Ventures 2020-21

Spirit of Independence


Carried with care and coated with pride the Indian flag flies high in glory, proclaiming the freedom and valor of the heroes who selflessly fought to bring us the freedom. The minds are free from the shackles of fear and reflect the pride we all have, as Indians.
We, UPES AAPG Student Chapter, conducted our annual flagship event "Spirit of Independence" on 15th of August to express our respect to the valiant souls who laid their lives defending our nation. The event consisted of a snippet writing contest which allowed the participants to freely express their views on our nation's 74th Independence Day.



The most precious thing about humanity is that it bridges the distance between the souls and becomes a reflection of the truest virtues that one can behold. 

UPES AAPG Student Chapter in association with the Muskurahat Foundation brings to you, work from home social internship that focuses on raising funds by encouraging people to donate for the noble cause. The interns are entitled to a certificate and performance-based stipend on completion. Excellent performers shall receive a letter of recommendation from Himanshu Goenka, President, Muskurahat Foundation. Rekindle the faith in humanity with your act of benevolence and be a reason someone believes in the goodness.

Intra-Chapter PM Cares Relief Drive

Being considerate is the centrality of goodness in life. A genuine thought put up for others and little deeds to bring them out are the best gestures towards humanity and it makes all the difference. Since the ongoing pandemic and crisis is creating a wreck and affecting the people of the nation, we, UPES AAPG request everyone to come forward and make their share of donation. The chapter raises fund through Intra Chapter PM Cares Relief Drive and help the ones in need. For when you give,you find reasons to be grateful and happy.