CRUST Events

"Opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it." We, UPES AAPG Student Chapter, organize our international technical conference and workshop, Crust, every year. This technical extravaganza presents infinite opportunities for our participants to grow and excel in the domain of petroleum engineering and earth sciences. Through numerous technical events, non- technical events, guest lectures/ webinars, field trips, and cultural nights, we strive to give our participants an all-round development experience wherein they can test their skills and technical expertise on a global level.



Paper Presentation Competition

Technindite is our paper presentation wherein the first part of the event was the submission of abstracts where participants from all over the nation mailed us their abstracts related to the oil and gas sector. We received 100 abstracts, from which 30 were shortlisted. There were two panels for upstream topics and downstream related topics, and each panel consisted of 15 papers. 


Poster Presentation Competition

Petrocit is our poster presentation competition. We received 60 abstracts related to the oil and gas sector. The 15 teams that were shortlisted then presented their posters in front of judges. The posters presented in the event were exceptional, and the efforts put in by the participants were applauded by the judges.



Energy based Quiz Series

To test the participant’s skills and general knowledge regarding our domain, we conducted Enigma, an Online Quiz Triathlon based on Conventional, Unconventional Hydrocarbons, and General Awareness about Oil and Gas domain followed by a presentation based inter-college quiz.

Present the Past

Case Study Challenge

In collaboration with Schlumberger, we, UPES AAPG Student Chapter, conducted the much-awaited case study competition: Present The Past. The overwhelming response via the abstracts was unprecedented. The event was presided by industry professionals, and they glorified the event with their expertise and technical knowledge. The participants passed the round with flying colors and were appreciated by the judges.

DSC_0193 (1).JPG

Democratically Yours

Democratic Simulation and Debate

We at UPES AAPG Student Chapter organized Democratically Yours, a flagship event under the banner of Crust’20. The event comprised is a cultural quiz followed by an oratory contest wherein the participants found intuitive solutions to prevalent world problems. The event allowed the participants to view the problems from a unique perspective and ignited a spark in the young minds to bring about the change that the world needs.

Oil Cognition

Oil and Gas Based MUN

For the fourth consecutive time, the UPES AAPG Student Chapter organized "Oil Cognition," a flagship event under the banner of Crust'20. It was a three-round event with a target to immerse the participants into the worldwide relations of oil-producing and consuming nations in the classic MUN style.



Virtual Chemistry Based Bidding Contest

Chem-o-Bid was a one-of-a-kind event under the banner of Crust'20. The first round was a quiz based on various chemical processes. In the second round, the top 5 teams engaged in an enthralling second round and competed by bidding on the most profitable industries and plants.


Search For Energy Alternatives

We, UPES AAPG Student Chapter, organized Ergnization a search for the best alternative, under the banner of Crust'20. The first round was a quiz based on clean energy sources. This round was based on general questions on renewable energy. The question paper was divided into MCQ questions, theoretical questions, and crossword puzzles. In the unique second round of city planning, finalists used the allotted virtual resources to design and extract maximum profit leaving a minimum carbon footprint. The participants joined us in brainstorming about bringing change to build a sustainable future.


Geology Model Making Competition

We at UPES AAPG Student Chapter organized "Plot-e-Plot," a geo-modeling contest. A two-round event in which the first round was a basic petroleum geology quiz, while in the second round, the top teams engaged in a geology based model making round with provided materials and several clues.

Capture The Fracture

Flagship Photography Contest

Capture the Fracture, UPES AAPG Student Chapter's unique, flagship photography contest was conducted under the banner of Crust'20. The students participated by sending in photographs that captured the raw beauty of nature. Capture the Fracture was the perfect opportunity for the photography maestro within the participants to thrive.


Cone To Goal

Showcasing Football Skills

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To test the participant’s skills as the marksman, we, UPES AAPG Student Chapter, organized Cone to Goal. The event presented a chance for them to enhance their football maneuvers and tricks and gave them a platform to showcase their skill in front of an audience. The event followed a knockout layout and a 5v5 format conducted between teams from different colleges. The event saw massive turnout and acted as a great channel for players from all over the country to compete against each other.


Photography Exhibition

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer”. To encourage and empower the young photographers of our university, we, UPES AAPG Student Chapter, collaborated with The Explorers to organize a scintillating photography exhibition under the banner of Crust’20. The exhibition displayed breathtaking photographs that elevated our spirits. There are no shadows that cannot be illuminated by a photograph. To let the world cherish the creativity of the artists behind the lens, Tasveer aimed to hearten and support the photography community


Field Trip

To awaken the geology hidden within, we, UPES AAPG Student Chapter, organized a geological expedition to embark on a journey of learning and analyzing the geology of Maldevta and the lower Shivalik region under the banner of Crust’20. Led by ONGC field specialists, the field trip saw massive participation from international and national students. The participants showed immense enthusiasm regarding the different aspects discussed in the field trip, and the specialists were happy to see bubbling curiosity in the young budding geologists. Overall, the field trip was a wonderful experience for both the participants and the instructors.

Gala Night

The success story of CRUST is a tale carved with the hard work of committed individuals who etched a new level of team spirit and their ideas that brought such a magnificent vision into reality. This victory and the togetherness has to be enfolded in a beautiful conclusion.
On the last day of CRUST, we organized a fun-filled celebration-GALA NIGHT. It is a cultural event that commemorates the exceptional efforts put up by the participants and hosts. We have amazing singing and dance presentations, interactive games and performances of the talented minds followed by an enjoyable feast.