CSR Committee

The CSR Committee works for the overall development of students pertaining to which we organize and conduct various social and non-technical events. The non-technical events mainly focus on building a student's personality and include events like sports, literature, etc. while the social events focus on doing good for the society and include donation, cleanliness, and plantation drives.

Mr. Aditya Asthana

CSR Head

APE-UP, 2rd Year

Mr. Pranshu Chikara

APE-UP 3rd Year

Mr. Lovelesh Gupta

Mr. Rohit Jotish

APE-UP 3rd Year

CE+RP 2nd Year

Mr. Abha Katiyar

FSE 2nd Year

Mr. Harsh Vardhan Venna

APE UP 1st Year

Mr. Om Agarwal

APE-UP 1st Year

Mr. Pratham Bansal

CE+RP 1st Year

Mr. Satyam Kumar Singh

APE-UP 1st Year

Glass Buildings
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