"The Petroleum Marathon Quiz"

Technical Events

UPES AAPG Student Chapter organizes plenty of Technical events in every tenure since its establishment. The events are related to the Oil and Gas domain, Earth Sciences domain, basic knowledge of refresher subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Math's, and general Aptitude also. We have several flagship weeks like PRARAMBH, Petroweek, PetroChmical Week, in which we try to cover every domain. We get participation from all around the globe in our International weeks with very good feedback.

Guest Lectures

Success is guaranteed when the learning is fulfilled by skills. And to develop skills, it is necessary to have an insightful exchange of knowledge and experiences. Keeping the importance of this in mind, UPES AAPG Student Chapter organizes series of guest lectures delivered by renowned industry experts of the oil and gas domain, to build a realistic platform for the students to bridge the distance between theoretical and practical areas. In the constantly growing world of oil and gas, it is essential to engender a deep understanding of its dimensions and applications.

Learning begins at an early stage, but it is a continual process. For optimum growth and development in all walks of life, one must need to know itself thoroughly. UPES AAPG Student Chapter focuses on the overall development of the student. We organize various non-technical events successively that helps the students to get aware of their strengths and weaknesses and allows them to explore themselves, build their skills, and share their exceptional abilities.

Non-Technical Events

Social Initiatives

The CSR events are the catalysts of the overall development. To ensure proper enhancing of a student's personality, UPES AAPG SC organizes various social, sports and literature events that help the students to recognize the need to be resourceful citizens and an integral part of the societies by making donations, hosting cleanliness drives and plantation drives.