Geocache 2021

Entitled with the motto of ‘Chronicled with Success’, We, UPES AAPG Student Chapter are highly elated to release our bi-annual newsletter GEOCACHE 2021, on the joyous occasion of our Foundation Day, where we commemorate the 8 resplendent years of persistence, consistency, and teamwork.  


GEOCACHE 2021 is an all-inclusive approach to consolidate the contemporary ideations in the Oil and Gas Sector with future prospects of energy giving the most enriched outlook of the industry to all the Petroleum, Earth Sciences and Chemical enthusiasts. The edition also covers the paramount changes that have taken place in the Oil and Gas field, in the times of COVID-19. 


GEOCACHE 2021 is set to catch your attention and enkindle the best of your contemplation. Take a glance into one of the most comprehensive bulletins of the time.