Logistics Committee

Logistics Committee is referred to as the "Backbone of the chapter." The committee is responsible for facilitating all the logistics requirements and permissions during both technical and non-technical events organized by the chapter throughout the tenure.

Mr. Abhay Dixit

Logistics Head

APE-UP, 2nd Year

Mr. Sameer

Mr. Ayan Balti

APE-Gas, 4th Year

APE-GAS, 2nd Year

Mr. Anurag Kulabhi

CE+RP, 2nd Year

Mr. Aditya Kukreti

Mr. Dev Singh Bhadauria

APE-UP, 2nd Year

APE-UP, 1st Year

Mr. Hemant Tomar

Mr. Samrup Konar

APE-UP, 2nd Year

APE-UP, 1st Year

B.Sc Geo, 1st Year

Mr. Deepak Singh Kharayat

APE-UP, 2nd Year

Mr. Prabhansh Mishra

Glass Buildings
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