Public Relations & Sponsorship Committee

The Public Relations committee works for the chapter away from the students. It works to create industrial contacts and help students get much-needed exposure through the chapter. The Sponsorship committee is the main facilitator of the chapter. It brings in the much-needed sponsorship and helps to run the chapter all through the tenure.

Ms. Muskan Sharma

Public Relations Head

FSE, 2nd Year

Mr. Rishi Raj Singh Bisht

Sponsorship Head APE-UP, 2nd Year

Mr. Sukhi Choudhary

APE-UP, 3rd Year

Mr. Rohan Singh

Mr. Taukir Patni

APE-UP, 1st Year

APE-UP, 1st Year

Mr. Saideep Gupta

Mr. Abhishek Bhatt

CE+RP, 1st Year

APE-UP, 1st Year

Mr. Abhisht Srivastava

APE-UP, 1st Year

Ms. Raiba Rizvi

APE-Gas, 1st Year

Ms. Yashasvi Shukla

APE-UP, 1st Year

Mr. Janakala Royal

Ms. V S S Sri Varshini

CE+RP, 1st Year

APE-UP, 1st Year