Technical Events 18-19



SHE: The Power

She the Power was a 2 round event. The 1st round was general chemistry based aptitude quiz. The 2nd round was a crossword to be solved with the help of chemistry linked with famous women personalities of India.


Abacus was a 2 round Mathematics based event. 1st Round was to solve a Sudoku  using hints in form of Physics questions. 2nd round was comprised of 3 parts Brain Teasers, General Aptitude and Rapid fire.

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Rainbow was a 2 round event. The 1st round was a general chemistry based Aptitude quiz. The 2nd round was to solve given chemical equations and obtain maximum colors formed.




Chemlock was a 2 round Chemistry event which tested participant's knowledge of chemistry relating it with general aptitude.



Geoneer was a 2 round Case Study event. The case study was based on the pollution in rivers involving mainly chemical pollutants.


The childhood game of Dumb Charades combined with the knowledge from the Oil & Gas Industry was the perfect blend to test both the Technical and Non-Technical skills of students. The students were asked to team up such that one acts and the other tries to guess the words in order to gain points.

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To test the basic sciences skills of the students we conducted our first ever science based event Vigyaan 2K18. It was a two round event, the first round being a Science, Aptitude and General Awareness based quiz with few questions pertaining to the oil and gas domain. This was followed by a picture connection based final round where the participants had to guess the relation between given images and provide the solution accordingly.


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Atlas at Test

It was a one round event consisting of two parts, based on geography and social studies. Both the parts tested the basic aptitude about the regions of India.

Go Volley

It was a two round event, based on Volley ball. The first round was a simple aptitude quiz based on sports. The second Round was playing volleyball with your teams.

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India Introspected

It was a two round team event, with each team of two members. This event was a test of participants’ knowledge of Indian culture and its history


It was a two-round connecting the pictures competition. In the fourth event the participants’ general knowledge and aptitude was put through its paces, along with their quick thinking abilities.