Technical Events 19-20



'Mesh' was a single round online event under the banner of PetroChemical week. This unique event was all about solving a crossword by applying concepts from Chemistry, with a blend of English vocabulary. Hints will be provided leading you to an element, using which you’ll have to form a meaningful word.

Chase the Maze

‘Chase the Maze' was a single round core domain-based event in which the participants were provided with some riddles in order to guess the required chemical compound. Following which, they were given another hint using which they were asked to find out the related drilling terms.


Case Study from Schlumberger

In our quest to take our students a step closer to the industry, we at UPES AAPG Student Chapter, organized the Case Study Challenge in partnership with Schlumberger, under the banner of 'Petrochemical Week'.



Bid to Drill

It was an event in which first round consisted of a pen and paper quiz on drilling based and aptitude questions and second round was bidding on drill string equipment to create a drill string based on the given problem statement.


It was a 2-round event in which first round was a quiz based on aptitude and oil and gas domain, and second round consisted of 2 parts, one was identifying the pictures of equipment and processes in oil and gas industry and second was a game of charades



It was a single round event that consisted of 2 parts, first one being crossword related to Petroleum Industry and second part was connecting the pictures to form a word related to oil and gas domain.


Atlas at Test

It was a one round event consisting of two parts, based on geography and social studies.  The quiz covered the basic knowledge of students about India including maps.


India Inquizitive

It was a two round team event, with each team of two members. This event was a test of participants’ knowledge of Indian culture and its history

Hit the Wicket

It was a two round event, based on cricket. The first round was a cricket based quiz. The second round was a interesting game of cricket with an interesting twist.


Plot Twist

It was a two- round picture/literary competition. Here the participants’ literary skills were put through its paces, along with their quick thinking abilities.


UPES AAPG Student Chapter conducted an online quiz event, ‘Pratibha’ in 4 rounds, especially for freshers. The quiz was conducted on MySwots Portal. The 4 rounds were as follows:

• Magnetic Monday- A quiz based on Physics

• Winning Wednesday- A quiz based on Chemistry

• Fast and Furious Friday- A quiz based on Mathematics

• Super Sunday- A quiz based on Aptitude