Technical Events 20-21



A two-round event, wherein the first round consists of quiz based on drilling components, its types and other elements related to drilling. The second round will be based on drilling component of the rig in which pictures of drilling rig components will be provided and they have to answer questions based on them.

Decoding Disasters

The two-round event will test the participants’ comprehension about safety equipment and measures in an oil rig and also assess their awareness related to the oil disasters. 



In this two-round event, the top 5 individuals to ace the 1st round will stand a chance to win it all within the 2nd round, wherein the participants, provided with virtual cash, who would then bid upon different components to form a final composition of Drilling Mud.

Pratibha 2.0

"Success is driven by a deeply rooted determination to achieve a great benchmark and the courage to take a chance for it."
We, UPES AAPG Student Chapter bring to you our most enthralling event series 'Pratibha': A series comprising of 4 events that will assess your knowledge about current affairs, elementary subjects, Indian mythologies, and trending technologies while at the same time test your fundamental concepts about science and mathematics. 
So, brush up all your basics and come be a part of this astonishing event.

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This event was a Marathon type of event in which the participants had to score in 5 consecutive Oil and Gas domain related Quizzes in order to become the Winner of the complete Marathon.  All the 5 quizzes were organised on MySwots platform. The portal was open for 4 hours for the participants to attempt the Quiz. Every quiz contained 25 questions that had to be completed in 25 minutes.

  • Geology

  • Drilling

  • Reservoir

  • Logging

  • Production and Stimulation