Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Great achievements are unfastened when a team cooperatively pursues a vision to make the impossible happen. With such a devoted team spirit, WE, UPES AAPG continually work together to compose the symphony of success. Our core committee is a blend of brilliant ideas and industrious individuals who inspire each other and bring out the best of outcomes. From conducting a sequence of technical and non-technical events and social drives to organizing our International Conference and Workshop CRUST, the members have put in their best of strength and manifested the genuine essence of teamwork. The individual commitment to our group efforts has made us set exceptional benchmarks. We have 61 core committee members, under the guidance of our faculty advisor, Dr. Uday Bhan.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Uday Bhan

Associate Professor

Department of Petroleum Engineering & Earth Sciences

Executive Body 

Mr. Apoorv Kumar Jha


Mr. Ashutosh Mathur


Ms. Nandini Rajput


Mr. Ritik Pant

Chapter Officer

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh 

Technical Chairperson

Ms. Shreya Bisht

Management Chairperson

Mr. Pranav Saxena

Nominations Chairperson

Extended-Executive Body 

Mr. Polaki Dinesh

Design Supervisor

Mr. Shashank Tiwari 

Industry Outreach Supervisor

Mr. Ritish Patnaik

CSR Chairperson

Mr. Gaurav Joshi

Sponsorship Chairperson

Workflow Incharge

Mr. Anuvrat Jhamad

Co-Executive Body 

Mr. Manish Pratap Singh


Mr. Nimish Sarkar

Student Coordinator

Mr. Utkarsh Mishra

Event Coordinator

Committee Heads

Mr. Mohnish Lal

IT Head

Mr. Abhay Dixit

Logistics Head

Ms. Shristi Raj

Membership and Outreach Head

Mr. Ayush Jaiswal

Technical Head

Mr. Aditya Singh Pal

Publicity Head

Mr. Suryansh Gupta

Public Relations Head

Mr. Sukhi Chaudhary

Sponsorship Head

Mr. Aditya Asthana

CSR Head

Mr. Udit Agarwal

Documentation Head

Ms. Navya Vajpayee

Editorial Head

Glass Buildings
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